28 Jun


A lot of us have read The Tales of 2019, some of us have found ourselves relating to the message I’m trying to pass to us, and some don’t even know what the message is supposed to be about, lol don’t worry I got you covered too. None the less, the question on most of our minds is why tales of 2019, I had a friend tell me, I love the poem so much and I relate with the message but why tales of 2019, I don’t get why you named it that.

So, let’s all calm down, I’ve got everyone covered.

In this article I will be talking about the inspiration behind the name of this poem and a little hint of what is to come from me in the nearest future, so shall we?

So, a tale is basically like a story, an event or situation that has happened in the past that is now being told over and over again like folktales, and we know 2019 was last year, referring to a time in the past. So, looking at the poem tales of 2019, it now seems clear that the title is metaphorical to the fact that the pain and emotions the character went through some time in the past (2019) is now a story that is told in the present (a tale). The tales of 2019 expresses the deepest and hidden emotions of someone who is not only broken by the fact that they have to fight ‘demons’ to stay alive but the human/love one/friend or family who they have put so much faith in and who they look up too fails to see their pain. The truth it humans will always let us down, it’s simply in our nature, but the one thing I learned from my tales of 2019 is that GOD is always there when people are failing, sometimes we just don’t know it, it might not look like it or feel like it but trust me, he is, I should know cause I like wrote the poem. Lol. Although I wrote this poem early in 2020, the inspiration simply came to tie the characters feelings and thoughts to the past, using the title- the tales of 2019(the past), so that we can link everything the character feels to emotions and pain that are now simply in the past.

 So, here’s the plot twist it’s also a tale because when you read it on Carte blanche, you share the link to your friends so they too can read it, it’s like you’re passing on the story in this poem, which means soon it’s a tale that people read and pass on. I think you get me now. Wink.

Some people are thinking is she still typing, yes, I am o because I have one more tea to spill.

Tales of 2019 like most of my poems talk about the emotions and thoughts we battle with on the inside, and this theme in my writing simply portrays the motto of my blog the freedom to tell our stories…, we are telling the stories no one wants to talk about, and these poems are written and shared not because they define us, but simply to remind us that someone knows what we go through on the inside and is willing to talk about it, to some it gives hope that everything will be fine because they realize they are not alone.

And although I will be exploring a new series /theme different from this in the nearest future(and I’m really excited to share it with you) these poems will always be there to remind us that we are not alone and we have the freedom to tell our stories and soon all the things we battle with will become nothing but a tale of the past or should I say the tales of 2019.

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