02 Jun


The same way saying “all lives matters” in a situation of constant racism is not only insensitive but also very cruel, is the same way saying “men get raped too” in a situation where women and little girls are constantly being dehumanized in our society is also very insensitive and cruel.

Men get raped too and all lives matter. Yes.

But black people are the ones living in constant fear of being killed for no reason but the color of their skin, they are the ones who are told to act like a criminal when the cops show up or they might never make it home to family. Sometimes we don’t need to speak before our life is snatched away from us, before our families are broken and our futures are ended, we just need to be black and breathing. As a human being, how can you not see the problem?

Women are the ones who can’t walk the streets without baring the damaging thought that a man or men might look at them with lustful intention, or that they are talking about us in groups, saying nasty and degrading things to us as we pass by. Nowhere is safe for us to just... be, simply because someone’s son can’t be tamed. Our little girls can’t play outside or walk to school, the streets aren’t safe enough for her. It happened again, it’s trending again, and somehow, it’s still her fault. We can’t walk on our streets without fear in our hearts or knifes in our bags and you still don’t see a problem?

We know it’s not all evil out there

And men we see those of you who have good hearts and mature minds

But you can walk the streets without the constant fear that no one is looking at you in a degrading manner or thinking of touching you or even stripping away your innocence.

We can’t

I heard pastor Mike Todd say that- “until you find compassion and justice for people that do not have the same experience as you… then something can change”

Women do not have the same experience as you

Black people do not have the same experience as you

And nothing about that is right for another human. 

#Blacklivesmatter #stoprappingwomen #saynotorape


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