Memories for forever


When I close my eyes I see you in my dreams

The memories we made last year play like old films

I could tell there was something from the first night we met

You looked me in the eyes and said you are stuck with me want to bet

We have memories for forever.

One night we stayed up late and talked in a booth

We shared our purest and darkest truth

Other nights we lay in the grass watching the sky

And in the morning we wondered how time went by

We made memories for forever.

One day I might wake up and you would be gone

Believe me my friend I will be totally torn

I will try to be strong and fight back my tears

I will have to be strong everyday for the rest of my years

But after some time I’ll be fine,

 I have enough memories for forever.

I’m grateful to God because he gave me you

You hold me together you are my glue

And if one day he decides its best we part ways

I’ll close my eyes to see you on those lonely days

I’ll cherish our memories for forever.

I love you my friend, you light up my world

I promise I’ll keep our memories for forever.


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